Christopher Moore – viola

Previous to his appointment as Principal Viola of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Moore spent the better part of 10 years gallivanting across the globe as Principal Viola of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. He learned quite a lot during this time and played with some of the finest musicians Australia and the world have to offer, but arguably the biggest influences in his life are his wife Jill (double bass/piano/ukulele) his daughters Isabella (Viola – her idea, not Christopher’s!) and Dorothea (piano). Perhaps not the best combination for a killer family band but we will have to wait and see.

When not playing his viola, Christopher spends his time thinking of all the practice he should be doing while he brews beer and tends his ever expanding flock of chickens which include Silkies, Belgian d’Uccles, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Plymouth Rocks.

Christopher plays on a 1937 Arthur E. Smith viola affectionately known as ‘Martha’ which he has strung up with gut strings (sheep gut, not chicken).